+ How does the Custom Logo Design process work? What happens when I purchase a Custom Logo?

Once you have purchased our Custom Logo listing we will create your two design options in Adobe Illustrator and email both to you within 72 hours. You will then review your two design options and choose one design option to proceed with for your custom logo design. You can then request up to 3 revisions to the chosen design (additional revisions if needed will be available for $10 per revision for the extra design time). Once your design is perfect then you just reply to our email to let us know you are ready for the full set of final files to be emailed!

For more detail about the design process for Custom Logos, please view our 'Custom Logo Design Process' page and feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

+ What is a "design option"?

When you purchase a Custom Logo we create two "design options" - this means that we create two different potential designs for your new logo and then you can choose one of the two or request to have us create one or more additional design options for you to choose from at $20 USD per additional design option. It is rare for one of our clients to feel the need to request additional design options - this usually occurs with clients who have no idea what they would like for their logo in the beginning (so they tell us "you choose the colors and the fonts and the illustration) and then once they see a few design options they are more creatively inspired as to the design elements they would like for their logo and their brand.

+ What if I get my logo design options and I don't like either of them? Can I get a refund?

No, once work has begun on your Custom Logo design no refunds will be given. The important thing to remember when you are purchasing a Custom Logo design is that while you are receiving a final product (the logo files), the main thing you are purchasing is the time of the designer to provide the service of creating your design. If you find that your two design concepts aren't quite what you are looking for in your logo design you can request revisions to the layout, fonts and colors OR you can purchase the creation of one or more additional design concepts at $20 USD per design concept and let us know what elements you would specifically like to see in the new design concept(s). We encourage all potential clients to review our premade logos to get a sense of our design style prior to purchasing custom logo design services.

+ Would the illustrations in my Custom Logo be created by you or are they purchased clip art?

The illustrations used in our designs are not created by us but instead are purchased from professional artists and used under their individual commercial license agreements so that we can keep our design fees affordable for you! Because we do not hand draw our own illustrations, we may be unable to provide specific illustration requests (i.e. we can provide a "cake" illustration however we may not be able to provide "a pink and blue watercolor cake surrounded by purple polka dotted bunting on a scalloped green cake stand").

Additionally, while we do normally alter purchased illustrations by changing colors, combining illustrations from different illustrators to make a new design and/or making other design changes as needed for the individual logo, the designs we purchase are not created exclusively for us and the original unaltered illustrations are available for other designers to purchase and use in their designs as well.

+ Can I trademark my logo? Will it be exclusive to me?

No, because the illustrations are not created by us, they are not exclusive to us and therefore you cannot trademark your logo. For that sort of purpose you'd need to find a designer offering custom drawn illustration.

+ How many revisions are included in my Custom Logo purchase?

Three free rounds of revisions are included with your Custom Logo purchase, with additional revisions available for $10 each if needed. It is, however, very rare for our clients to end up having to purchase any additional revisions.

+ What is included in a "round" of revisions?

A "round" of revisions is defined as one change each to font, layout and/or color as needed but only one change per element is allowed per revision round. Revision rounds do not include any changes to illustrations other than color IF color changes are possible - changing illustrations will require the purchase of the 'additional design concept' listing for additional fees (fees dependent upon the new design request).

In order to limit the number of revisions necessary to complete your design, we always offer you the opportunity to let us know either what styles and types of fonts your prefer and/or let us know what colors you would like for your design. For fonts you have the option to provide a link to your desired font (must be a free commercial download or we can add an extra fee to purchase the font you would like) or a link to one of our premade listings with the font you prefer (please copy and paste the link and do not just provide a name as we have over 200 designs and some of them have the same name). For color changes we recommend you go to a site like www.colorpicker.com to choose your color and provide us with the six digit hex code in order to limit the number of revisions necessary to complete your design. You can also email us an image that has your desired color(s) and we can get the hex codes from the image.

+ How will I receive my design?

All correspondence and files are sent via email or via a site such as DropSend if the files are too large for email. You will receive your initial design option proof files and any revision proofs via email

+ What files are included with my purchase?

Your design file set for logos will include on the following files:

SEVEN files for use on the web & for printing:
• 1 JPG file - low resolution, large size, solid white background (FOR WEB USE ONLY)
• 2 PNG files - low resolution, small & large size, transparent background (FOR WEB USE ONLY)
• 1 PNG file - high resolution 300 ppi, large size, transparent background (FOR PRINT USE)
• 1 PDF - vector file saved at the highest print quality (FOR PRINT USE)
• 1 .psd file
• 1 editable .ai file (this is the original source file for your logo design))

+ I need a specific size file for my blog header. Do you provide files at specific sizes?

Files at specific sizes are available for additional fees. You will need to let us know the exact file size you need and whether you would like a .jpg on a solid background or a .png on a transparent background.

+ Do you have any design 'packages'? I need several items such as a Facebook Cover, Coordinating Logo and a Business Card.

Yes! We now offer a few design packages but you can also still purchase each design individually as needed if you prefer. Please visit our 'Coordinating Designs' page to view all of our design packages as well as individual listings for designs to coordinate with your new logo! If you need a design that you don't see a listing for please contact us for a fee quote. We love working on custom designs!

Additionally, we keep all of our client files stored and backed up indefinitely so you can purchase what you need now and then come back later when you're ready for more designs!

+ What is the turnaround time for Custom Logo designs?

We take great care to provide a very quick turnaround time for our clients! We know you are excited to receive your new design and we're just as excited to create it and send it to you!

Once you have purchased your design you will receive your two design option proofs within 72 hours. While 72 hours is the maximum amount of time, the average time for creation and email of design options is 48 hours or 2 business days. Once you have received your design options, the turnaround time will then depend on how long it takes you to respond letting us know which design option you've chosen and what, if any, revisions you would like for design. We respond to all emails and design change requests within 24 hours. For revision requests, we also respond with a new Proof within 24 hours.

Our business hours are 9:00 am to 6:00 pm CST, 7 days a week (yes, even weekends!

+ Can I call you?

No, at this time all correspondence is conducted solely via email. It is our experience that having a written record of all communications helps keep the project organized and ensures that both client and designer can refer back to previous communications if any questions arise or if there is any confusion as to what was agreed upon, requested, etc. throughout the project.

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